Sunday, March 1, 2009

New blogs for me (soon)

I believe that I am going to start two more blogs. Not merely to satisfy Uncle Ersatz ego, but for the sake of clarity in organization. I am going to remove the “Smileys” and “Animated GIFs” from here and move them (later) to one of the other blogs.

One of the blogs will be devoted to free fonts (giving credit where the originals were found, and proper linkbacks and all that), and the other for free graphics (“Smileys” and such). This way, I can categorize each via the “tags” feature, and use as an ersatz index.

The fonts blog will be as much for my use as a visual database as anything, but hopefully someone else will find it useful. The useful part will be because of the inclusion of screenshots of the look of the fonts (again, by category). You’ll see . . .

Stay tuned, Comrades!


Got one going: "Uncle Ersatz' Free Fonts" (see link on right)

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