Thursday, March 26, 2009

Remember "Air Trotsky?"

Comrades, just on the very off chance that you were asleep for the last several decades and don't remember the very famous "Air Trotsky" airline, you can go to RedKid's Airline Sign Generator and make your own version. Or, whatever you want. Much fun!

Build Your Own Action Figure

Hey Comrades! Make your own Action Figure! Go to Vicale Corporations' On Demand Action Figure Builder Tool page and have a go. Here's mine:

Just wish I could put a big, red star on his shirt or jacket . . .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Corporate Gibberish Generator™

Corporate Gibberish Generator™. So this is where it all comes from! I bet there's a legal gibberish generator out there somewhere too . . .

From the website:
Welcome to the Corporate Gibberish Generator™ by Andrew Davidson. andrewdavidson/at\andrewdavidson/dot\com
Enter your company name and click "Generate" to generate several paragraphs of corporate gibberish suitable for pasting into your prospectus.
(The gibberish is geared more toward Internet and technology companies.)

The example on the page: (click image to read it)

The Excuse-O-Mat

The Excuse-O-Mat. Comrades, ever find that you have to make ammends, or at least an excuse for something that probably wasn't even your fault? Of course you do! But, what to do when your sincerity reservoir is almost on empty? Well, you go to the The Excuse-O-Mat of course!

From the website:

Things go wrong-- which is awfully annoying of them-- and then comes the really difficult thing: explaining what happened. What do you do when the old excuses (my dog ate it, it's in the mail, mistakes were made) have been used once too often? Why, you come to Metaverse for one of 3.6 million different convincing, ready-made excuses! Written by Mark Rosenfelder
An example of a random, Insulting excuse:

Whine on, Comrades!

Ebay Feedback Generator

Comrades, for those of you who still "Ebay" (has this become a verb now?) your way to acquisitiveness and fulfillment, I have just the thing for those occasional mental blocks. Enter the Ebay Feedback Generator.

You can select from Positive, Negative or Indifferent. A Seller or Buyer. Vocabulary options include Basic and Frivolous, and can include specific details of a transaction. The output is composed of many feedback statements from which to pick & choose. For example:

Negative & Frivolous: (click on image to actually read it)

Indifferent & Basic:

And etc. you get the idea. Most fun!


Comrades, tired of coming up with ubercreative content continuously? Never fear: Blog-O-Matic is here! Just go to Blog-O-Matic, and a completely random blog entry will be generated. And, dear comrades, it is stated as copyright-free! Here is one example:

Just refresh the page to generate another stunning blog entry. Just wish I could put Trotsky in there somewhere . . .

Friday, March 13, 2009

The End of the World

Fabulous! Another one I hadn't seen in awhile. Make sure the sound is on (unless you're at work or in some other public space!). Enjoy, Comrades!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

All I can say, dear Comrades is: YESSSS!!

From the Wikipedia article:
"Kung Fu Fighting" is a song written and performed by Carl Douglas and Vivian Hawke. It was released as a single in 1974, at the cusp of a chopsocky film craze, and quickly rose to the top of British and American charts. The song also is famous for its use of the quintessential Oriental Riff, a short musical phrase that is used to signify Chinese culture.
It originally was meant to be a B-side to I Want to Give You My Everything by Brooklyn songwriter Larry Weiss, and was recorded in the last ten minutes of his studio time.[1][2] This song has been featured prominently in pop culture including Mott's Clamato advertisements.
Douglas states that his inspiration to write the song was affected by three factors: he had seen a kung fu movie, later visited a jazz concert by Oscar Peterson, and was suffering from side-effects of pain killers (Douglas had injured his foot playing football).[3]Another account gives his inspiration simply as seeing two kids in London doing kung fu moves.[1]
The song remains one of the most fondly remembered one-hit wonders. Kung Fu Fighting also was rated #100 in VH1's "100 Greatest one-hit wonders. It appeared at number one in the UK's Channel 4's Top 10 One Hit Wonders list in 2000 and again in the station's 50 Greatest One Hit Wonders poll in 2006. It also was included in another 2006 programme for Channel 4, Bring Back ... the one-hit Wonders, for which Carl Douglas performed the song in a live concert.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

One of my favorite things!  In case you haven’t seen it in awhile, or have never seen it, here it is again.  Below the description are the YouTube grabs for the original “All Your Base,” a second version, the original short intro from SEGA’s “Zero Wing” game, and the long intro from same.  Enjoy, Comrades!

From the Wikipedia article:

"All your base are belong to us" (often shortened to "All Your Base", "AYBABTU", or simply "AYB") is a broken English phrase that sparked an Internet phenomenon, or meme, in 2001 and 2002, with the spread of a Flash animation that depicted the slogan. The text is taken from the opening cut scene of the European Sega Mega Drive version of Zero Wing,[1] a Japanese video game by Toaplan which was rushed in production and as a result was poorly translated into English. It was popularized by the Something Awful message forums.[2]


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The original:

All Your Base Are Belong to Us (original)


Second Version:

All Your Base Are Belong to Us (Version 2)


Intro (short) from original Zero Wing game by SEGA:

Zero Wing Intro - Short


Zero Wing Intro – Long:

Zero Wing Intro - Long

New blogs for me (soon)

I believe that I am going to start two more blogs. Not merely to satisfy Uncle Ersatz ego, but for the sake of clarity in organization. I am going to remove the “Smileys” and “Animated GIFs” from here and move them (later) to one of the other blogs.

One of the blogs will be devoted to free fonts (giving credit where the originals were found, and proper linkbacks and all that), and the other for free graphics (“Smileys” and such). This way, I can categorize each via the “tags” feature, and use as an ersatz index.

The fonts blog will be as much for my use as a visual database as anything, but hopefully someone else will find it useful. The useful part will be because of the inclusion of screenshots of the look of the fonts (again, by category). You’ll see . . .

Stay tuned, Comrades!


Got one going: "Uncle Ersatz' Free Fonts" (see link on right)