Monday, May 3, 2010

Evil Clown Generator from Scottsmind

Evil Clown Generator from Scottsmind.

Start with a pre-set clown, and then change the face elements, or go Random.

Couldn't quite make a Trotsky on this one.  Probably because this is an EVIL Clown generator, and the two just don't mix . . .

Now, I know you all can figure out how to use this, but there are a couple of fun ways to play with it.  Each time you click on one of the feature types, that feature will change just one-at-a-time.  If instead you hover the cursor over the face feature, they zip through at a million-miles-per-hour and stops when you move the cursor.  So, with that bit of knowledge, if you just move your cursor from top-to-bottom, or vice-versa, you can visualize some really amusing changes there.  So there.

Oh, this is all done in flash, but there is a "print" option in the right-click flyout that they left in for you - but, I think a screen grab selection is easier . . .

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