Monday, April 13, 2009

Meet the FLEPia

Here is the gist of an article I read in LISnews from March 30th. Amazon’s amazing Kindle, and SONY’s amazing Reader will soon have some color competition! Meet the FLEPia! I want one of each of them. Oh, boy much fun!


From the LISNews article:

Fujitsu Launches Color e-Book Reader in Japan
March 30, 2009 - 8:20am — Blake

"Japanese electronics maker Fujitsu has stepped into the e-book fray with the a color e-paper mobile device aimed at consumers. Thin and lightweight like its competition the Kindle, Fujitsu Frontech’s awkwardly named FLEPia, is now on sale in Japan and will start shipping on April 20 for around $1,000. Customers will have the option of purchasing e-books through the FLEPia-ya Web site via Japan’s largest e-book online retailer Papyless while connecting the device to the Internet via wi-fi."

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